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Nylon Six is the emerging international music duo, David K and Lasashka. 
David K lives and works in Chicago, USA, while Lasashka is based in Amsterdam, NL.
Together, they compose and record progressive pop music that is 
deep, catchy, danceable and sexy.
what others wrote

"Refreshing and catchy songs kicking a conscience. Nice!" Keys and Chords
"A promising debut to enjoy with no limits." De Subjectivisten
"Critical messages wrapped into simple yet refined pop soundscapes." Music For The Misfits
"One of the best works I can remember receiving in a long time." Spotify playlist curator
"What if we mixed Eefje de Visser, Garbage and Lilly Allen?" MusicZine
"That voice is very attractive, guitar solo is literally heavenly" Spotify playlist curator
​​​​​​​"Slick early 80s electropop, songs that are pleasant to listen to." WoNoBloG
"Makes you want more.Whiteroom

The infectious Nylon Six sound is a cinematic feast for hungry ears, an aural landscape to get lost in, where old-school songcraft meets cutting-edge production shimmer, with a spark of 80’s vibe as the icing on the cake. From beat one it is apparent this is music to be reckoned with. It hums and roars like a well-tuned Ferrari on a mountain highway, zigging and zagging, observing no speed limit, shifting gears between infinite tonal colors, textures and moods. It tells stories and inspires, motivates and protests. It moves deftly – in English and Dutch – across a wide spectrum of themes: obsession, addiction, climate change, pollution, evolution, the cyclical nature of life, and, yes, love. Above all, Nylon Six provokes strong reactions from the listener.
Superlatives aside, the two creators prefer to let their music do the talking. While Lasashka and David K are both unique and gifted artists – with much experience composing and performing in diverse venues – it is the ideas and emotion in the songs that are the true stars. That, itself, is novel. In an age where posers rule, virtual trumps actual, and artistic worth is measured in play counts, likes and views, Nylon Six is all about the real thing.
The single ‘We Are Smart’ from the debut EP was the supporting song of the international World Cleanup Day 2021, reaching 191 countries and over 50 million volunteers.
listen. and repeat.